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"How to communicate to your patients the importance of eating well for their health. Extensive research has shown that no matter how knowledgeable a clinician might be, if they are not able to open good communication with the patient, he or she may be of no help."
"How To Integrate a PROVEN 
Model in your practice that provides another important indication of the body's overall antioxidant status. There are two forms of Income for Doctors; Scanning revenue and Product revenue. Product Revenue is OPTIONAL"
"How to have cutting-edge patented technology to test your patients in 30 seconds. Measurement of skin carotenoids by the Antioxidant Tester is more meaningful than most other test used to assess antioxidant status."
"How To Receive ROI with your patients and your bottom line in second month of integration of this disruptive technology. Testing a minimum number of patients per month; helping them improve their antioxidant health levels benefits you, your patients and your practice."
"How To create a Lead Practice in your area with Raman Spectroscopy Technology. This is not for all doctors, yet it could be the freedom you've been looking for. Over 1000 measuring devices within U.S.; 4,000 worldwide."
"How To implement 
a Wellness Model program that will incentivize YOUR staff. Our most successful practices understand a healthy staff supports a healthy program within the practice. Complete support for the life of program from 30-year old company."

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